College Library


Number of books: 21246

Number of journals subscribed: 32

Number of computers available at the library: 8

System: Open Access

To keep pace with the recent developments in various subjects, the teachers and students are provided with learning facilities. The college library contains a good collection of books, journals and magazines. The digital library provides access to a large collection of digital books, audio books, research papers and other articles, magazines, audio and video lessons and tutorial contents. It is a live hub of information archiving and dissemination. Situated in the second floor it is easily accessible to all the departments in the institution. The library has as many as 21246 books, (with 1200 in reference section) consisting of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and rare books of antique value. The library has a number of  journals. It can seat around 50 students at a time. There are 8 computers available at the library for student use. It has several national journals, magazines, and English and Malayalam newspapers. The library also hosts a digital library that can access online reading content as well as research material. The library stock of books is annually updated with government funds. The Open Access system of Library is user friendly. The library services are computerized.

Reading Room







Number of News dailies Subscribed: 4

number of weekly journals subscribed: 5

Number of weekly career development pamphlets subscribed: 2

The college has a Reading Room with newspapers and journals for students and faculty.

Computer Lab


seating capacity: 30

The computer lab in the college is spaciously ordered. New computers are installed and a good battery backup is stored. Individual systems are provided to each student.Excepting the Department of history all other departments have independent computer labs. The department of English has separate computer facilities for UG and PG students. The UG students use a Language Lab whereas the PG students use PG cyber point. The Department of Commerce has a very spacious facility equipped with 20 computer points and internet facility.The Department of Mathematics hosts an independent computer facility that can seat around 30 students at a time.

Edusat Satellite Interactive Terminal

seating capacity: 50

Fully furnished EDUSAT – satellite interactive terminal with a seating capacity of 50 students is available in the college.


Language Lab


seating divisions: 8

The Department of English has a Language Lab with ten nodes and separate booths for teachers and students. The lab is equipped with updated ETNL Language Lab Software.


Seating capacity 500

The college has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 students. It is equipped with public address system, lighting and proper ventilation.

Seminar Hall

seating capacity 150

An air-conditioned seminar hall that can seat 150 is available in the main block. The seminar hall has been augmented with digital podium, air-conditioning facility, wall projector and amplifier with collar microphones.


The INFLIBNET is set up in the third floor of the college. The faculty and students are given access to the online journals of the INFLIBNET.


There is a well-equipped multi-gymnasium and fitness center on the campus for the benefit of the students.

Girls Amenities Room

A spacious room has been allotted in the second floor as exclusive rest room for girl students.

Co-operative Store

A student‘s co-operative society functions in the campus providing essential books and stationery to the students.



Canteen facility is available on the campus.

Sports Room