Discipline Committee

Convenor: Dr. MP Sivaramakrishnan

The discipline committee ensures that the campus follows the code of conduct set by the higher education department. The committee makes sure that grievances reported with regard to ragging, etc are referred to respective bodies constituted in the college viz. anti-ragging committee, grievance redressal cell, women’s cell, etc.

Anti-ragging Committee

Chairperson:Dr. Sunitha Srinivas C (Principal in Charge)

Convenor: Dr. MP Sivaramakrishnan

The anti-ragging committee functions quite effectively on the campus. The committee headed by the Principal, with faculty members, parents, students, and members of the non-teaching staff takes an appropriate decision regarding issues connected to ragging. The committee sees to it that no incidents of ragging take place on the campus by making appropriate arrangements during the admission process to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes annually. In this connection, awareness classes are conducted regularly and undertakings from the students as to strict adherence to the norms and regulations of the institution are maintained.

Grievance Redressal cell

Convenor: Rajeesh CC

There is a college-level grievance redressal committee. The grievances that cannot be redressed at the department levels, if any, are referred to the college level grievance redressal committee for an amicable settlement.

Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum is keen on providing counselling and guidance for the girl students in order to equip them to overcome emotional problems. Gender sensitization is another objective of the Cell. It coordinates three other bodies that ensure gender justice on campus.

Women’s Cell: Convenor: Sujisha K

Women’s Anti Harassment Cell; Convenor: Sujisha K

Women’s Empowerment Cell: Aparna Rajan

Admission Committee

Convenor: Mohd. Sirajuddin

Admission Committee coordinates the admission processes and ensures that the admissions are in keeping with the university/govt norms. A nodal officer is appointed to look into the same.

Career Guidance Cell

Convenor: Dr. Dinesh MP

Career Guidance Cell in the college provides the students with information about higher study opportunities and career prospects. the cell conducts orientation classes and seminars pertaining to the field.

Purchase Committee

Convenor: MP Sooppy

The Purchase Committee of the College looks into the items to be procured annually, and steps are taken to ensure the procurement of these items in due course. Infrastructure development and up-gradation of teaching-learning facilities are given priority in purchase committee decisions.

National Service Scheme

Program officers:

Pramod L S (Dept. of English)

Sajeesh Kumar V K (Dept of Mathematics)

The college has two registered NSS units (No.87 and 179). The NSS units ensure the social commitment of the students who contribute their potential to the progress of the society they live in. The NSS Units have conducted several camps and constructed roads in the nearby panchayaths. Several health and hygiene awareness programs have been conducted by the units in and around the college. The NSS with the active participation of the faculty and students regularly conducts programmes to establish an eco-friendly atmosphere on the campus. NSS camps are annually organized ensuring institutional social commitment.


President: Adv. Manoj V

Secretary: Sri. Dinesh MP

The alumni keep track of student’s progression after they leave the campus. The intended learning outcomes of the college are ensured by following student performances keenly both while they are within the campus and after they move out of it. The Departments convene meetings frequently and the alumni assist the college in its onward development. There is an active interaction between the college and the students who pass out every year from the institution. Moreover, the college maintains close contacts with the students and former members of the faculty by inviting them to the various activities conducted by the academic departments like seminars, student support programmes, social extension activities, and the like.

 Parent-Teacher Association

President: Dr. Sunitha Srinivas C (Principal in Charge)

Secretary: Dr. Dinesh MP (Dept of Economics)

The PTA constantly observes, supports, and facilitates the activities of the college round the year, through participation and feedback. The College PTA consisting of Parents and selected members pays attention to managerial affairs when required. Annual PTA general body meetings and class PTAs are held during each academic session.

Nature Club

Coordinators: Asha P & Preman NP

The Nature Club, along with NSS and CSS activities spreads awareness and puts up platforms to discuss various pressing environmental issues

Debate Club

Convenors: Aneesh & Mohd. Sirajuddin

Debate Club organizes regular debates on current affairs and contemporary relevant topics.

ED Club

Convenor: Vineesh AK

ED Club focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills in the students. The club ushers in reputed entrepreneurs to the campus and convene interaction with them.

Film Club

Convenor: Dr. Lineesh M

The film club screens classics and regional movies to the student community free of cost. The club also screens films in connection with social film literacy.

Literary Forum (Dept of English)

Convenor: Greeshma NP

Literary Forum (Dept of English) consists of UG tutors and UG students. It was formed with the objective of making the teaching-learning process more interactive and creative. The body hosts presentations by the students as required in their Applied phonetics and Oral communication Practice papers. The forum celebrates occasions like Women’s Day, World Photography Day, World Earth Day, and so on that seek to link classroom knowledge with everyday life. Week-long reading sessions are conducted to observe Reading Week. The forum also arranges various creative writing competitions in the college. The Forum conducts play-reading sessions and short-skits. The Forum organizes literary quizzes for the students of the department. Screenings of films and discussions are regularly convened.

Research Forum (Dept of English)

Convenor: Jyothsna

Research forum (Dept of English) is oriented towards the conduct of curriculum-based seminars and paper presentations on a regular classroom basis for PG/Research scholars. Occasionally the forum also stages invited lectures and other academically conscious activities.


coordinator: Rajeesh CC

Compulsory Social Services has been in practice at University of Calicut till 2016. The college maintains a record of the work students has done with regard to the same.


coordinator: Vineesh AK

As part of the tutorial system, the tutors are actively engaged in counseling students in both academic and personal matters.

Higher Education New Initiatives implemented in the College


coordinator: Najma

The ASAP (Additional Skills Acquisition Program) imparts to the students, across disciplines, Soft Skills, and Life Skills. The program also has a component that envisages the placement of participants. It has industry linkages too.

Scholar Support Program

coordinator: Asha

SSP readies the students with the least percentages in qualifying exams, and university exams with extra input so as to graduate successfully.

Walk With the Scholar

coordinator: Dr. Dinesh MP

WWS enhances the learning horizons of students by exposing them to skills related to the employment market such as interview skills, group discussion modalities, numerical ability, etc.

Spoken Tutorial

 coordinator: Asha P

Spoken Tutorial (ST) program, IIT Bombay is the Knowledge Partner of Directorate of Collegiate Education, to provide Basic IT and Skill oriented IT/ Software courses to students for FREE of COST. Spoken Tutorial-IIT Bombay provides free training on C, C++, LaTeX, OpenFOAM, Perl, PHP, Python, Scilab, etc.